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Comstock Rock, Friday July 14th

West Beer Tent, 5pm & 7pm

"NEWVideo" (updated 8/20/06)

8/20/ on comstock 2006 and check out the new video of the guys performing at Comstock. We hope to have more new video in coming weeks.

7/18/06...Check out the new photos from Comstock 2006. Thanks to Bill Catlett and Kyle Armes for their superb musicianship.Look for new video in the next few weeks.Bill Dee's, co-author of "Oh Pretty Woman" by Roy Orbison, was in town for a family wedding and graciously sat and visited with Isaac for a couple of hours.Check out his web site at The man writes good songs. Busting into song with his guitar was frequent during Isaac's visit with Bill. Bill even invited Isaac to send songs and come down to visit his studio.What a pleasure to meet successful artists in the industry.

7/5/06...With Comstock right around the corner and a new album of songs almost complete the band is taking on new faces for the upcoming Comstock Rock Show. Drummer Kyle Armeswill be on the drums. Bill Catlett on bass guitar. It's been a tough transition for Isaac as he struggles with the loss of band members he's grown to love. The show must go on! Wish Isaac well as he takes the stageand moves to a new chapter in his musical career.Continue to Check the website as new informations will come out about what's ahead.

4/2/06....Thanks to Jamie Schleglmilch for sitting in on the drums thursday at Thunderhead. That Honey Wheat beer is killer. Sothya is in the middle of producing a new collection of songs that should prove to be worth any Rock Music fans while. We'll keep you posted.

3/14/06....Recording is going well, however there is much more to do. Sothya will be doing a private show this Friday for a relative of Chris Berry's who is shipping of to Iraq soon. God Bless him and his family.

2/27/06....Look for new recordings as Sothya will taking a break from gigging and hitting the studio over the next few weeks. Watch the Gigs page as new shows will be added on an ongoing basis.

1/6/06....Thanks to the Ickey Nickel in Sioux City IA for the opportunity to Rock are way into 2006. We are heading to Topeka KS tomorrow to show case our act in front of the Kansas fairs & festivals convention. Thanks to Kurt Tatro for inviting us to be his featured act. Keep checking the gig page for more shows. Come join us at the Road House in Lincoln on Friday Jan 20th. We guarantee a good time.

12/19/05....If you love percussions, you would have loved the show at Road House. Kyle Arms, drummer for Electric Soul Method" sat in on Soul Sacrifice at the beginning of the 3rd set and never sat down. Man can he express himself on the hand drums. Well be at Road House again on January 20th. Come out to that one as Road House is a great bar to spend a night out with friends. Not to mention "WE'LL BE ROCKIN THE HOUSE".

11/09/05....Zoo Bar was a great experience. Now we know why Electric Soul Method was voted Lincoln Area Band of the Year. They were a tight band of good musicians. Great club to play in. We have a few free weeks in November, so we will be hitting the studio to work on new stuff. We'll let you know when something new comes out.

10/14/05....Hey Sothya fans. We just finalized booking at "The Zoo Bar" in Lincoln on Thursday Nov 3rd. We need a strong turnout. Please mark your calendars. We will be playing with Lincoln's "band of the year". "Electric Soul Method". It's going to be a great time.

10/8/05....If you're ever in Kearney, you need to make a visit to Thunderhead. They have a micro brewery and the beer is fantastic. Great show! Our good friend and former drummer Jamie Schleglmilch sat in on the drums for a couple songs as well as adding rythyms on the Djembe. Chris did a drum solo like I've never seen before. Sign the guest book and let us know your thoughts on any shows you've seen......On another note....The upcoming show at Patricks is all about creating a video demo. This is a No Cover show sponsored by Sothya, so bring your friends and get ready to have some fun because we will be full of energy and ready to party. The show is in the lower banquet room and there will be a bartender in the room providing beverage service. We intend to make this a night of Great Rock fun so please join us.

10/4/05....Jimmi Hendrix Lives! At least a look-a-like who walked into Knickerbockers friday night right before the band went on stage so Sothya decided at the last minute to start off with Voodoo Child. Jimmi loved it! I heard he was also at the Husker game saturday. He gets around. Nice turnout of Sothya fans at Knickerbockers. Great show, the "Idiot Box" didn't survive though! At the show? Sign the guest book and tell us what you thought of the theatrics. New news! We just booked The Zoo Bar in Lincoln on Thur Nov 3rd. We may be playing with Electric Soul Method, they are still checking if their schedule is clear. We need Sothya fans to show up, so come out and Rock with us.

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